6 Advantages Of Dustless Sandblasting

Dustless sandblasting is a method of removing old coatings quickly and effectively, with the aim of leaving a smooth and clean surface that's ready to be renovated. Since surfaces get dirty, paint fails, and metal rusts, you need to sandblast the surfaces to make them new again.


However, if you are running a business, normal sandblasting can result in a lot of dust/dirt, and you cannot operate in such an environment. You will have to close your business for a period of time, as you wait for professionals to complete the sandblasting. Fortunately, this is not the case with dustless sandblasting, because this method does not produce much dust at all.


Dustless sandblasting is a paint stripping and cleaning system that can remove coatings from any surface, with ease and without a dust plume. During dustless sandblasting, water encapsulates the abrasive coat being removed, thus preventing dust and particles from becoming airborne. Remember: C and J Pressure Washing is here to sort our any questions you may have!

Here are the reasons why dustless sandblasting is a good option:

1. It's Healthier For The Environment

The debris is encapsulated with water during the blasting process, making it easy to collect the dust particles. This method of cleaning surfaces can be used in areas with strict environmental rules and regulations, because it does not result in the production of a lot of dust, or other toxic chemicals.


Dustless sandblasting is not completely dust-free, however, as a little can still escape into the air. Always make sure to wear a mask during this process, just in case.

2. Limitless Applications

Due to its effectiveness, dustless sandblasting has a wide variety of uses and applications. This cleaning process can be used on nearly all surfaces including wood, metal, concrete, and brick, among others.

Aside from cleaning different surfaces, this process has been used in marine, automotive, refinery, industrial, and residential places to clean different surfaces.


Due to its limitless applications, you can use this cleaning method to clean any surface that requires cleaning, regardless of the coating you are removing.

3. Increased Equipment Lifespan

In case you buy this cleaning equipment, it will last longer, because the water lubricates the abrasive as it moves through the nose, pot, and nozzle. The water reduces the amount of heat transfer (friction), as well as the wear and tear.


You will have to replace the abrasive every now and then, regardless of the surfaces you clean. Therefore, when compared to other sandblasting equipment, dustless sandblasting is economical and effective.

4. Completely Cleans Surfaces

Unlike other types of sandblasting, dustless sandblasting not only strips the old paint and rust from a surface, but it also cleans the surface. This ensures that the surface is free of soluble salts and contaminants that lead to the formation of rust.


In addition, if you use a rust inhibitor when cleaning, the surface can remain ready for up to 72 hours after stripping. With a stripped surface, this method can be used with automotive businesses.

5. No Shutdowns

This method is environmentally friendly, clean, produces no ignitable sparks, and is easy to contain. Therefore, it can be used when working on offshore rigs, and on live pipelines, because nothing has to stop. Everything will run smoothly and normally, without disrupting the work schedule.

6. Safe And Efficient

Unlike the traditional sandblasting method, dustless sandblasting does not produce toxic plumes, or other toxic chemicals. Therefore, you don't have to wear a full blast suit when sandblasting.


This is important, because without the suit, you will have better visibility and the ability to move more freely while working. Hence, you will reduce the risk of accidents, because you can move and see with ease. You should still always wear a mask with this type of work.