Power Washing Is a MUST For Fast Food Drive Thru Sanitation!

When maintaining a fast food establishment's drive thru area, it is vital to keep it as clean as possible. Needless to say, nasty oil and scum build up will immediately put off any diner, and may negatively speak to the quality of that restaurant's food.


Keeping the drive thru's exterior clean is an indication of what to expect inside. It's not a good idea for a business to let people think that they have little regard for the cleanliness of their restaurant and food. If you need commercial power washing in Santa Cruz, contact us today.


Here are a few reasons why fast food drive thrus have to be pressure washed.

#1. The Removal Of Oil, Grease, And Debris

It goes without saying that the removal of deep-set stains, caused by oil, grease, and debris, is highly essential for a fast food drive thru. Otherwise, they tend to cause an unsightly and dirty environment.


The specialized equipment and cleaning solutions, which are used during the pressure washing process, gets rid of the toughest stains and contributes to the most important aspects of property maintenance. This way, the drive thru will always be kept as clean as possible.

#2. Maintaining The Aesthetic Appearance Of The Drive Thru

The aesthetic appearance or curb appeal of a fast food restaurant tends to attract many patrons into the premises. The reason many people enter as establishment is because of the way it looks. As such, pressure washing will ensure that the property always looks appealing.

#3. Promoting Health And Safety

There are many contaminants that are found on a fast food's drive thru section. These include algae and mildew, which can pose either a health or safety risk for the customers, as well as the employees of the drive thru.


When concrete surfaces become wet and contaminated, they also cause a serious problem with slipping and falling hazards. However, regularly cleaning the surfaces of the drive thru will prevent these accidents. It equally prevents mold spores from intruding into the restaurant.

#4. Cutting Down On Costly Repairs

A lot of damage can be caused by algae, mold and mildew, especially when they are freely growing on a fast food establishment. They contribute to rot, decay of building materials, and premature failure of paint coatings.


Pressure washing will allow companies to keep the exterior of their properly clean and well-maintained. This will extend the life of the building materials and coatings, and save on multiple repair costs down the line.

#5. Saving Time

Contracting a reliable pressure washing company will enable companies to avoid using their employees to clean, instead of focusing on great customer service. The extra time could be put into bettering the menu, or making sure the food orders are correct.


Therefore, pressure washing means that the cleaning job will be left to the professionals, while the fast food drive thru staff will focus on their job, and gain customers as a result.

#6. Standing Out Of The Crowd

A pressure-washed fast food drive thru will always stand out from the competition. In fact, it will flourish with more customers than the rest. Just like the favorite food on the menu, it all comes down to presentation. Cleanliness will attract more diners to a restaurant's premises.