Do You Know The Best Way To Clean Up Fire Debris?

A home fire is a devastating occurrence that can cause a lot of destruction to valuables, and leaves your home in shambles. While coming to terms with a fire can often be a long journey, getting your home back in livable condition doesn't have to be. In fact, it should be your top priority, next to making sure your loved ones are safe.


Before entering your home after a fire, have it inspected to ensure it is structurally safe to stand in. Also, you will want to wear eye protection, a mask or respirator to keep ash out of your lungs, and gloves.

It is also important to keep pets out of the home while you are cleaning it up, as they can be exposed to toxic chemicals.


When putting together the right tools to clean your home after a fire, a pressure washer should be one of your staple tools. Contact us if you need C and J Pressure Washing services in your area!

The Benefits Of Pressure Washing Services

A homeowner can call a pressure washing company to clean areas of the house that were damaged, due to a fire. Before hiring any company, make sure that you inquire extensively about pricing, services, and relay your expectations to them.


The benefit of using a pressure washer, rather than other cleaning tools, is that the pressure washer has the power to blast away soot, debris, char, fiberglass, and other unwanted dangers. Pressure washing will also eliminate most of the nasty smells that a fire leaves behind, so that the air is breathable again.

Unfortunately, breathing in the debris left behind after a fire can cause eye and throat irritation, and even cause respiratory problems. A pressure washing company will be able to safely and efficiently remove the damage of a fire from your home, so you can focus on putting it back together.


The company will also ensure that the water from the pressure washer is safely drained, because if it runs into the street, it can pose a danger for the environment and animals walking by, who may drink the water.

What To Expect

A pressure washer will clean all exterior surfaces, like driveways and decks, and certain interior areas that need to be cleaned. As the homeowner, in addition to pressure or power washing, it is important that you clean all upholstery and fabric in the home or throw it out.


You should also regularly wash down the driveway, if the fire was outside, have all ventilation in the home cleaned to remove soot or ash, and wash as much as possible with a steam cleaner, or carpet cleaner.


Time is very important when it comes to cleaning after a fire. If you leave it too long, you will run the risk of skin or eye irritation, or further damage to your home. As ash and other debris build up on belongings, the longer you leave burned objects or parts of the house sitting, the harder it is to clean, and the worse your house will smell.


Call a company as soon as possible in the event of a fire, so you can receive assistance in cleaning your home.


A fire is a homeowner's worst nightmare, but luckily, there are plenty of ways to get the house back in proper condition. One of the ways to start rebuilding is by using a pressure washer. A pressure washer is an essential tool in cleaning the exterior and interior of a home, so that it is livable.


Pressure washing blasts away unwanted substances left over from a fire, and allows you and your family to start rebuilding a loving home. Hopefully, you are never faced with a fire, but if you ever are, you now know what tool to grab first.