Most Overlooked Areas That Home Owners Should Pressure Wash!

A pressure washer is an awesome piece of equipment that makes cleaning things in your home a simple task. The force created by a pressure washer is so powerful, that it will dislodge all the stubborn dirt that accumulates in areas you cannot reach when using other means of cleaning.


This pressure easily removes loose paints, chewing gum, mud, dust, grime and other dirt from objects. Below are some of the residential areas where a pressure washer should be used:

#1. Outdoor Furniture

Washing your outdoor furniture makes them look attractive, new and also beautiful. Great results are guaranteed when a pressure washer is used, as it removes all dirt on the surface of the furniture. This force also removes dirt in joints and other parts you cannot reach when doing regular cleaning. Cleaning your outdoor furniture with a pressure washer is also fast, so you will have clean furniture in no time!

#2. Driveways

Most homes have a driveway, and some are very beautifully paved, which makes a great first impression. A well designed and maintained driveway makes your home look more appealing. But if you have a dirty driveway, no matter what it's made of, it will degrade the beauty of your home.


Cleaning driveways are one of the main jobs of pressure washers, and there is no better way to clean them. When professionally done, pressure washing will remove all the dirt, oil, and grime from your driveway.

#3. Fences

Fences are important for people who like privacy or need to keep dangerous pets from harming their neighbors. They can also have a great impact on the beauty of a home. Having your fence pressure washed makes it clean and neat, providing a more attractive look. Pressure washing your fence makes it possible to remove things like dirt, dust, mud, and cobwebs from the fence easily. It usually is suitable for any type of fence.

#4. Roofs

Having your roof cleaned makes your house not only look more attractive and beautiful, but can keep certain bugs away as well. Some roofs may have dirt that makes them look dull and old. Pressure washers can be used in cleaning roofs to make them regain their original beauty. Cleaning the shingles or tiles on your roof also prolongs its lifespan.

#5. Gutters

Gutters are used to harvest rainwater from rooftops. All the dirt from the roof is swept to the gutters and may end up clotting together and blocking the water flow. For a metallic gutter, the dirt may result in rusting. A pressure washer can be used for cleaning and unblocking blocked gutters. If you're collecting water through a gutter system, cleaning them will ensure that the rainwater that's harvested isn't contaminated with pathogens, and it will also increases the lifespan of the gutters.

#6. Home Exterior

Having the exterior of your home cleaned makes it more attractive to passersby and guests, or for potential buyers if you're selling. House sidings, bricks, windows, and the door should be regularly cleaned.


A pressure washer makes it easier to clean the exterior of a house because it's faster and more thorough. The force of water being expelled is capable of removing all dirt that has accumulated on the walls and windows, areas that would take a lot of time and effort if you were cleaning them any other way.

#7. Boats

Cleaning your boat right after you use it is the best way to maintain it. With a pressure washer, you can efficiently clean a boat very fast. It does a great job, as compared to when someone uses their hands or any other means to clean it. For better results and an increased lifespan of your boat, you should always wax it after two or three pressure washes. Cleaning your boat makes it more attractive and frees it from salt and algae stains.

#8. Decks

Pressure washing your deck makes it look a lot better before guests come over to enjoy some grilled burgers and hot dogs. This ensures that all dirt has been swept away and there are no dangerous pathogens lying around, in case children are going to be playing there. Washing it also brings out its beautiful original wood color that was first seen when it was newly built.


A pressure washer can be used to clean many more items including bikes, lawn mowers, bird baths, dog houses, and cars. You can also consider power washing, which will sanitize areas that you and your family use the most, to keep germs away.


Usually, both power and pressure washing can be done by the same company, if you were to hire someone to do it for you. If you're in need of hiring a professional company for your pressure washing needs, we also serve San Jose and surrounding areas.