Why Pressure Washing Is Necessary To Keep Kennels Well-Maintained & Clean

There are many animals that have to stay in shelters/kennels for different reasons, especially in Santa Cruz, California. All the rooms and holding areas must remain clean at all times, to keep the animals safe, free from diseases and pests. It will also keep the animals happy and provide a clean atmosphere to allow them to be seen by customers for adoption.


Pressure washers are mostly used for cleaning driveways and other areas, but they can also use it in cleaning animal shelters. If you own a shelter in Santa Cruz and need to hire a reputable commercial power washing company, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.


The pressure washer does the cleaning perfectly, as it is capable of removing all dirt from the floors and cages. For better results, the pressure washer also allows you to disinfect the kennel by using detergents. After cleaning the kennel, it should them be rinsed with clean water, which keeps the animals safe from the irritant detergents and other cleaning products that could have been used in the cleaning process.

Unlike other methods that can be used to clean a kennel, pressure washing is very fast. You would be able to clean the kennel within a few minutes. Pressure washing is also safe, since there is no point at which anyone will come into contact with the dirt. Power washing will add heat to the cleaning, which will also disinfect the areas.


The only precaution to be taken into consideration when pressure washing a kennel is removing all the blankets and dishes before the cleaning process starts. This prevents cross contamination of those things that the animals rely on daily for comfort and food. If the kennel has a bad odor, deodorizers and perfumes should be used instead of strong detergents that may end up affecting the animals.


Whoever is cleaning the kennel should always start with cleaning the doors and cages before doing the floor. After cleaning them, start cleaning the floor, spraying toward the water outlet. Make sure all dirt that can be seen has been washed away.


When cleaning the floor, you should also avoid splashing water onto the already cleaned areas. Some pests may be resistant to certain cleaning products. To remove them, you must keep on alternating the detergents used in cleaning the kennel. The detergents should never be mixed while cleaning the kennel, however, as some of them can lead to reactions that will cause harmful vapors.

Can Pressure Washing Help With Parasite Cleanup In Kennels?

Pressure washing is even capable of removing a parasite's eggs from the kennel. This leaves the animals free of parasites after de-worming them and cleaning the kennel. After the cleaning, it is advisable to let it dry before returning the animals. This is so they will never be affected by the detergents from coming into contact with them directly. Apart from cleaning the main staging areas, every other operational area that is used by the animals should be well cleaned also.


Grooming tables, where the animal's fur and nails are trimmed, should always be kept cleaned after use. The area should be vacuumed to remove all debris, and the tables should be disinfected for the next animal.


Bathtubs should also be well cleaned. Cleaning an animal that is not used to it, or unwilling to remain calm, may be messy and the water will be splashed all over. A pressure washer should be used in cleaning bathtubs and all its surroundings.. Wet soils and other dirt on the floor should also be pressure washed and removed.


Pressure washing (and more specifically, power washing) is perfect for animals shelters and kennels because they have the power to clean and disinfect, all while saving the staff time and energy. It keeps the animals happy and pest/disease free, and also keeps the area clean for prospective adopters to walk around and look at the animals they may choose to go home with. Pressure washing can also be used in animal hospitals and other care facilities.