Is Your Pool Deck Suffering From Algae Growth?

Aesthetics have long been used to determine quality. Whereas you may have a high quality product, if its outward appearance is questionable, most people will deem it substandard. This rationale is easily applicable to pool decks and patios. However admirable your pool may be, a visually unappealing deck could be the difference between adulation and scorn.


Since a lot of pool time is spent on the deck, proper management and cleaning is an absolute necessity. Developments in the sanitation industry have made pressure washers a staple in most, if not all, pools. A quick review of their merits shows why many prefer them.


Pool decks, due to the damp environment that surrounds them, are prone to algae growth. This, coupled with the water from the pool, can make the deck extremely slippery, thereby endangering revelers' lives. Additionally, the algae also lessens the appeal of the deck, since it tends to be extremely conspicuous and unattractive.

Can Pressure Washing Actually Help Your Pool Deck...?

Regular washing cannot effectively remove these vegetative growths. However, pressure washing easily clears any algae growth, making the pool more presentable and safe for any swimmers. The force with which water from the pressure washer hits the deck will uproot any growths, and leaves the deck looking magnificent.


On top of that, most pool decks tend to be littered with dirt, mud and leaves. This is because pools are commonly bordered by trees and lawns. It is from these points that most filth on the pool deck originates. The variant nature of these items requires different strategies to be applied to efficiently clean the deck.


These special washers incorporate both water, and the resultant force to successfully clear out any dirt and debris, thereby ensuring a clean surface. Pesky substances that may stick to the deck surface are also easily removed by the water pressure, ensuring a presentable surface.


Ease of operation is another factor that sets pressure washing apart from regular mopping and scrubbing. Prior to the emergence of these washers, pool decks and patios had to be cleaned manually, with extreme effort and meticulous action necessary for a proper cleaning job.

In contrast, pressure washing requires just an adequate washer and a reliable water source. Once the washer is connected to the aforementioned source, all the cleaner has to do is direct the pressurized water stream onto the deck and ensure that all sections are cleaned appropriately. This greatly simplifies the washing process, while also ensuring that the deck surface is unequivocally clean.


The versatility of the such washers also makes it desirable to all pool and patio owners. Various spray tips are available, and all of them can be utilized for different functions. These tips also have varying pressure levels and selection is dependent on the task at hand.


Some tip streams are narrow and concentrated at high pressure. Therefore, they are appropriate for substances that have bound with the deck surface and refuse to come off. On the other hand, other spray tip streams have minimal impact and are commonly used for rinsing and cleaning sensitive sections of the deck.