The Difference Between Pressure Washing And Power Washing!

Over time, your driveway, garage, house walls, patio and other similar surfaces will accumulate some stubborn dirt that is hard to get rid of through normal cleaning. If you are considering doing a thorough cleaning of such surfaces, you are going to come across the terms "power washing" and "pressure washing".


By reading this article, you will attain a better understanding of what each term means and hopefully, make the right choice for your home.

What Is Pressure Washing?

As the name suggests, pressure washing is a specialized cleaning technique that utilizes pressurized water to mostly clean outdoor surfaces. In order to do pressure washing, you will need a pressure washer.


This machine is designed to eject water through a pump at high pressure, so as to remove any embedded dirt and grime. Just to give an idea of how powerful a power washer is, imagine the water pressure on a garden hose, and then multiply that by 100.


With that kind of pressure, it is possible to get the desired results where normal cleaning has failed. There are different types of power washers on the market, differing in the water capacity and the force they can achieve.

What is Power Washing?

Just like pressure washing, power washing also relies on pressurized water to clean very dirty surfaces, only that this technique uses hot water. Pressure washers normally pump out cold water, but power washers are equipped with a heating mechanism that allows them to pump hot water for even better results.


Again, there are different types and brands of power washers, each with different capabilities. Some even allow you to adjust the temperature of the water as you do the job.

Pressure Washer Usage

Pressure Washing is suited for cleaning smaller exterior surfaces such as the patio, driveway, deck, walls, and walkways. If those surfaces are made of concrete, masonry or brick, pressure washing will get the job done.


It is also more appropriate for painted surfaces, as it is less likely to erode the paint while removing the dirt. In other words, if a mop or broom won't do the job, get a pressure washer and see the difference.

Power Washer Usage

Whenever you are dealing with even tougher to clean surfaces, power washing is more appropriate. For example, power washing is better suited to remove mold and mildew, kill weeds and moss, and even remove gum from surfaces. In the case of a garage that is stained with grease stains, power washing is definitely the better option. It is also more suited for larger commercial areas, since it will get the surfaces clean within a shorter period of time.

The Bottom Line

With both techniques, you can still use detergent and other cleaning agents to get your surfaces looking as good as new. For both, you can also implement the cleaning by yourself or you can hire a professional to do the job for you. We also perform pressure washing in the San Jose area and deliver amazing results to happy clients. At the end of the day, not only will you enjoy the results, but it will also be a great way to improve the look and value of a home.