Things That Should Be Pressure Washed In a Restaurant

If you walked into a restaurant and realized it was dirty, would you sit down and eat? Would you recommend the dirty restaurant to your friends? Of course you wouldn't!


If your restaurant is located in Santa Cruz and you need a reliable power washing company, give us a call. Every restaurant owner knows that their establishment's cleanliness is a primary factor in attracting customers. Here are some important areas that restaurant owners should have pressure washed in their restaurant to maintain a crisp, clean look.

The Exterior

The exterior of your restaurant is obviously the first thing potential customers will see. Pressure washing ensures that the exterior is left clean and attractive to diners. Parking lots and sidewalks are often filled with grease, oil spills, and chewing gum, which could attract pathogens and flies that will leave your customers frowning. Pressure washing these places keeps them 100% clean and pathogen free.

Kitchen Hoods And Filters

Kitchen washing is usually the first and last item on your to-do list at the restaurant. Ensuring that kitchen filters are clean is a fundamental factor that helps to prevent fires. Health patrons and public health officers will make random visits to your restaurant to inspect if the hoods and ducts are clean. You do not want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Pressure washing the kitchen hood, fans and filters keeps them in perfect working condition and saves you from a potential lawsuit.

The Floors

Most restaurant owners prefer that their staff mop the floors manually to save them the cost of hiring a pressure washing company. However, they forget that a lot of time is consumed when mopping the floor that would have otherwise been channeled into more productive tasks. Also, the floor is not cleaned to its full potential. A pressure washer achieves a much deeper cleaning effect, as it utilizes multiple water jets.

Exhaust Ducts

Grilled burgers and grilled chicken require open flames to cook. An open flame in the kitchen is definitely not a pleasant thing, as many risks are involved. In recent years, most fire outbreaks have resulted from blocked exhaust ducts.


The perfect way to maintain exhaust ducts, so they're in good working condition, is through frequent pressure washing. Even without fire outbreaks, the temperatures in the kitchen are extremely high when the exhaust ducts are blocked, which frustrates the cooks and puts their health in jeopardy.


Your customers enjoy more comfort while they are eating when the air conditioners are functioning properly. Pressure washing will keep air conditioners clean and working perfectly, giving your customer that much-needed ambiance as they enjoy their meals.


Customers will always judge your restaurant from the way it looks, the design, and most importantly, how clean it is. While the quality of your food matters, keeping your restaurant clean and tidy will keep your guests happy and they will keep returning.


Pressure washing is the most efficient way to ensure that your restaurant's presentation remains appealing. Cleanliness in any restaurant is a primary factor that offers your guests a welcoming entrance. Pressure washing will clear all the stubborn spots in your restaurant.