Best Way To Clean Your Roof!

Roof cleaning is an important exercise that can not only help to improve the aesthetics of your home, but also prolong the roof's lifespan. There are several techniques you can use to wash your roof, each with its pros and cons. Pressure washing is one of the most effective and advantageous cleaning techniques, although certain precautions have to be observed.


The reason why precautions have to be taken is that pressure washing can damage roofs, especially when done by a non-professional. On average, certain roof types are suited for pressure washing, while others are more suited for other cleaning techniques. If your roof is made of metal, slate, or concrete tiles, then you are on the safe side when using pressure washers.


On the other hand, if your roof is made of asphalt shingles or clay tiles, you may be better off using conventional cleaning methods. There are two main concerns when it comes to pressure washing roofs. One, the high pressured water can erode the granule coating on the shingles, thereby reducing their lifespan.


Secondly, the pressure can also loosen the shingle's adhesive, making them more vulnerable to being ripped off by the wind or heavy rain. Despite these concerns, pressure washing can still be done on shingle roofs, provided that the service is done by an experienced professional.

So why should someone go through the trouble of pressure washing their roof? Because it's the best option for cleaning roofs where conventional cleaning has failed. It is a very effective technique for ridding the roof of moss, mold, algae, lichens, grime, and any other type of dirt that may have accumulated over time.


For even better results, you can use detergents and other recommended chemicals. Other than being effective, there are other benefits of pressure washing, like the ones below.

#1. Quick Results

For most standard homes, pressure washing is usually completed within a day, especially when it is conducted by a professional. Even if you choose to do it by yourself, you will still finish quicker than if you chose to clean the roof with water and a brush.

#2. Durability

If you are dealing with moss, algae, or other similar plant life, conventional cleaning will only get rid of them for a while. Pressure cleaning is more thorough, since it get rids of the vegetative parts of the plant, and the spores as well.


Chemically treating your roof after pressure washing will give it the best chance of going the longest time without a moss problem reoccurring.

#3. Increasing Property Value

A roof that has been pressure washed looks as good as new. This will go a long way in convincing a potential buyer to pay a higher price for the home. Exterior looks can be just as important as the interior of a home when it's on the market.

#4. Increasing Roof Lifespan

Algae, moss and lichens have been shown to be a leading contributor to roof damage. This is especially in regards to shingle roofs, as these organisms will erode the shingles and loosen the adhesive. Since pressure washing is the most effective technique for getting rid of these plants, your roof will receive a new lease on life, and will serve you for many more years to come.


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