Different Types Of Trigger Guns On Pressure Washers

Pressure washer trigger guns provide different grips, with some designs being more comfortable and effective than others. Therefore, you should take this into consideration when choosing a trigger gun, to avoid making a mistake.


Pistol style, straight through, open, and front entry guns are the main types of trigger guns. These guns have different features, and pros and cons, depending on the user. Guns are also available in different sizes.

Hence, you should find a gun that fits your hand, to make it easy and comfortable for you to use it. The following are the different types of trigger guns you can choose.

Pistol Style Trigger Gun

Most machines are available with this type of a gun, because it is the manufacturer's standard gun. This type works well when used with a straight lance, or when equipped with a nozzle for close work. A pistol gun is easy to use, because it allows the operator to hold the trigger open without straining the forearm or the wrist.


However, if the operator prefers using a lance with a bend at the nozzle end, this type of a gun will not be good, because their wrist and forearm will be twisted. That will not only make them tired, but it can also become painful. In such a case, a straight through gun is the best option.

Straight Through Trigger Gun

This type of gun is mainly found on gun combinations and telescoping lances, because the operator will not twist their arm when using it to wash a vertical or horizontal surface. However, the drawbacks of this gun are experienced when an operator uses a straight lance, or a close-in gun that does not have a lance (it only has a nozzle installed to the outlet).


Either of the applications involves a lot of twisting, which can result in tired or painful wrists.

Open Gun

This is a pipe with just a handle on it. This type of a gun does not provide the ability to stop the water from flowing through the gun. In most cases, these guns come in pistol style. The main reason why most people use an open gun is to avoid hand fatigue.


An open gun is not recommended, because it can result in accidents if debris lodges in the nozzle. Therefore, if you want to avoid hand fatigue, there are different types of trigger guns you can choose from.


Easy pull or straight through triggers, which are easy to use, do not cause any potential injuries or damage.

Front Entry Trigger Gun

This gun has an advantage over the traditional gun, especially when used in high pressure work. With a short lance, the weight of the hose that comes off the front gun can offer a counterbalance to the water pressure.


However, if you are moving around while pulling the pressure hose, this type of a gun will make it very hard for you to use it.


The most common trigger guns are used with unloader valves for safety. On the other hand, most pressure washers are available with a pistol style trigger gun. You don't have to use this gun because you bought your pressure washer with it. You can buy the gun that meets your requirements, and replace the pistol trigger gun.


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